We assist business owners to put as many of their ideas as possible into practice and to offer them our resources, experience, and knowledge.

Actually, you realize what you should do, but …

Our services for entrepreneurs

You are busy with your day to day business.  Your employees have no spare time, or they do not clearly understand how to proceed.  We can provide you with the know-how, both as trainers and as implementer.

  • Corporate development
    Develop the proven; incorporate the new

    With our methodical approach, we understand your business model, regardless of its sector, taking into account sustainable present and future trends.  We will develop methods that we can implement together in a practical way.

  • Business economics and financing
    Structured processes and individual financing methods

    You will benefit from our many years of experience and optimize your operational financing.  We will help you utilize clever financing modules and funding opportunities.

  • Recruiting talent 
    Accessing outstanding talent

    Benefit from our access to research institutions, universities, and those currently active in startups.

  • Investment management
    Identify, qualify, integrate, and manage

    Take advantage of our professional, individual investment management from selection through acquisition to integration and supervision.

  • Interim management
    Go in, solve, get out

    Our many years of practical experience allows us to provide you with a flexible and economically attractive solution after only a very short period of introduction to the problem.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
    Buying and selling companies are matters of trust

    We support you during the processes of buying and selling compahies or their divisions.  While doing so, we can take over the complete management of the project and all activities related to evaluating the company and its finances.


  • Corporate
  • Finances 
  • Talente
  • Investment
  • Interim
  • M&A

Funding opportunities and contacts

Discuss this with us

To determine which individual sources of support are sensible for you can be determined through a personal discussion with us.  It is free and without obligation.
We have been accredited in many ways and can provide you with access to both federal and state funding, which can provide you with a maximum of 90% of your costs through grants.

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