We help startups to become „investor-ready“, find a suitable investor, or invest ourselves.

Competent advice does not have to be expensive

Our services for startups

Often, a startup project does not fulfill its plans to reach potential customers. Where do I start?  Who can help me?  How do I organize a team, and how do I find an investor?  Startups have much to consider right at the beginning.   We assist founders in keeping track of their progress during this phase.

  • Business plan
    The guide for every startup

    We help to create a business plan suitable for submission to banks and investors but which also offers real, direct information and sets goals for the founders themselves.

  • Pitch decks & sales pitches
    The business cards of the founders and their startups

    We collaborate in the preparation of individual sales pitches and coach those who present them to investors and customers or to groups at conventions and meetings.

  • Business models
    The foundation of every startup

    Who is the customer?  How much is the added value?  How are profits generated?  We support in the development and analysis of any business model to make it practical and market-oriented.

  • Coaching the founder team
    The development of a powerful team

    We coach the startup team by analyzing their existent competencies and future needs and by accompanying the treanformation processes.

  • Starting the business
    First the business model, then the formal foundation

    We help the startup find the right time for taking the steps to begin doing business, and we provide competent persons from our network.

  • Investors‘ network
    Every investor is different and has to be convinced individually

    We make the startup „investor ready“ and recommend it to suitable investors from our network.


  • Business plan
  • Pitches
  • Business models
  • Founder team
  • Company
  • Investors

Funding opportunities and contacts

Discuss this with us

To determine which individual sources of support are sensible for you can be determined through a personal discussion with us.  It is free and without obligation.
We have been accredited in many ways and can provide you with access to both federal and state funding, which can provide you with a maximum of 90% of your costs through grants.

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